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10 examples to show you it’s more than you think

“Why would you pay so much money for an image online?”
“I can just right-click and it’s mine?”
“It’s a JPEG — which I can just save to my phone for free 🤷‍♂️”

Over the last few months, two sides have formed around NFTs and the hype that’s been generated…

Writers of the world, unite!

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The last few days I saw a lot of these articles popping up on Medium:


And if you search for it, you can find 77 more stories written by Medium writers on the platform on exactly the same topic.

At first, I was wondering: Mh, what’s going on? Why…

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It’s hard to start off a blank page, so here you go

Note: I might add more writing prompts over time.
What are your writing prompts? Let’s make the ultimate list! Feel free to share in the comment section.
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Today and now

  • What did I do today?
  • How do I feel right now?
  • What am I thankful for?
  • What…

How you can use the grim days of the year to accomplish everything you dreamt of during summer

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Living in the Northern hemisphere, the months of November up to March are often a cause of depression or at least met with a tiny feeling of dread.
You know what’s coming for you…

October will most often let you down gently into the colder temperatures. Beautifully colored autumn leaves…

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It’s about time to start your journaling habit because it’s really good for… well, everything!

A stronger immune system, wounds that heal faster, increases chances to fight cancer, better sleep, better resilience against stress and burnout, increases mindfulness, improves working memory, enhances communication skills, boosts self-confidence, increases productivity, heightens capacity for empathy and compassion towards oneself and others, it puts you in a better mood……

Carolin Stoffels

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